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Town of Somers 335 Route 202 Somers, NY 10589 (914) 277-3637

Tree Photo Submission Form

You can help us create a custom Community Forest Management Plan!

The Community Forest Management Plan will include photographs and short stories about trees that are special to Somers—iconic, historic, rare, or biologically high-value native trees within the Town. The best way to include the trees that are special to you is for you to submit high-quality photographs and your brief stories about them!

Criteria for inclusion include:

  • Tree must be viewable from a publicly accessible location.
  • Tree should be iconic, historic, rare, or a biologically high-value native specimen.
  • Images must be high-quality.
  • Completed webform and successful upload below.

Please complete all fields; incomplete entries may not be considered.

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Location of tree in Somers

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Alternatively, you may email your high-resolution photo and tree information to Denise at

Please note: We may reach out to you for more information. Receipt of your submission is not a guarantee that we will include your photo.